MFL Conference: Becoming an E.P.I Teacher

On Thursday 14th March, St Clement Danes School played host to the 'Becoming an E.P.I Teacher' Language conference. Drawing in over 40 teachers from across Hertfordshire and London, the conference, organised by Mrs Floyd, was crafted to inspire teachers to adopt a new methodology in their classrooms aimed at assisting students in chunking information and reducing cognitive overload. This innovative approach acknowledges the challenges students face in processing vast amounts of information and seeks to empower teachers with practical strategies to facilitate learning effectively.

Spearheaded by the internationally esteemed Dr. Gianfranco Conti, CEO, and founder of The Language Gym, attendees were treated to an enlightening discourse on the theory and practical application of Extensive Processing Instruction (E.P.I). Dr. Conti, also renowned as the author of the acclaimed Sentence Builder Books, adeptly navigated through the intricacies of language acquisition, emphasising the importance of chunking the language and avoiding cognitive overload in the learning process. His insights on building skills in the classroom provided attendees with invaluable tools and perspectives, empowering them to foster more effective language learning environments within their classrooms. 

By bringing together educators and facilitating insightful discussions led by experts in the field, the conference provided a platform for collaborative learning and innovation, leaving participants inspired and equipped to embark on new pedagogical journeys. 



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