Sociology and Psychology Trips

Mrs Harrison and Mr Hutton led fifteen Sociology students for an enriching experience at a writing workshop held at the British Library. The session, focusing on the power of punctuation and the importance of essay paragraphs, proved to be superb. The students showcased their credit to the school by actively participating in discussions and making valuable contributions. The day concluded with an insightful tour of the British Library, adding an extra layer to their educational journey whilst enabling the students to learn about monetary notes from a range of different countries and links to the Empires whilst tackling historical artefacts that raise social issues! 

Year 12 Psychology and Sociology students engaged in academic conferences in London, covering diverse topics. From seminars exploring the reliability of eyewitness testimonies to Q&A sessions with a 'Mafia' princess, and practical tips on effective A-level revision, the day offered a rich array of insights. The talks provided valuable connections to Criminology, Sociology and Psychology making it an enlightening experience for the students, who thoroughly enjoyed their day out! 



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