NEA Geography Residential to Devon

53 Year 13 Geographers travelled to Devon the week before October half term to embark on a residential trip to conduct some fieldwork for their coursework. After an early start, the M25 was kind and we made it to Devon in time for lunch. Once we arrived the students were underway with their first task of the week: bed making for the first time.

Students immersed themselves in a comprehensive and exciting programme designed to enhance their understanding of the coastal environment and regeneration. This trip was about putting ‘Geography into Action’. They were led by a fantastic group of experts at the fieldwork centre.

The afternoon of Day 1 was spent down on the windy coast practising some succession fieldwork. On Day 2 we went off to the city of Plymouth to practise some regeneration fieldwork. This was the highlight of the week for some students as it meant McDonald’s for lunch! For Day 3 we were back to the Coast. With Storm Babet in full force for this day, waves and destruction hit Beesands which resulted in a quick look at the beach and then back to the warmth of the classroom where the hard work began. Students then finalised their own enquiry questions and got ready to set out on their independent investigation and data collection for Day 4. Fortunately for us Storm Babet had died down by Day 4 so students in both Plymouth and Slapton were able to enjoy a day out in some sunshine collecting valuable data for their NEA. Day 5 meant it was time for statistics and analysis, another valuable skill of packing their clothes and stripping a bed before heading home back to Chorleywood.

The fieldwork trip was not only an educational experience but also an incredible opportunity to apply what the students had learnt in the classroom to the real world. The trip was a resounding success, the students successfully collected their data and were a credit to the school. I would like to thank Mrs Wheatley for organising such a successful trip once again and Mrs Beavis and Mr Celaschi for giving up their time to come and support the students on this valuable trip. We wish all the students every success in their Geography Coursework.


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