Model UN Conference

St. Clement Danes School held its first Model UN Conference on March 20th and 21st. Students from Years 10, 11 and 12 represented 15 countries and convened to discuss the global refugee crisis. The students had spent 5 weeks researching the topic and gathering information about ‘their country’. Over the course of two afternoons, they used this information to negotiate and debate, with the other delegates, a ‘UN proposal’ with the aim of producing an agreed final report. The negotiations were hard fought and it highlighted the difficulties of international diplomacy with some delegates indicating ‘how hard it is for countries to come into agreement with anything’.

The students really enjoyed the process, with one student saying "I learned an extremely useful insight into the world of foreign politics. I’m interested in International Relations; Model UN was the perfect opportunity for me as a Year 12 student. On top of this, the research process, along with the actual conference was highly informative and enjoyable."

The group is planning for another conference in the Summer term and is hoping to recruit more people who might be interested in developing their negotiating and diplomatic skills.


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