SCDPA Quiz Night Success!

A brilliant range of hilarity and brain-stretching emerged from the SCDPA quiz night on the 18th March. The practical round involved each team nominating a member to hula-hoop competitively. Let's just say the secret practising in the lobby didn't seem to bring any extra success but the onstage line-up was certainly entertaining, both for those parents doing it and those that were cheering them on. The Barbirolli Hall was full, both of experienced attendees and first timers, and the range of questions from the brilliant quizmasters made it a fair as well as informative competition. Some tables bought takeaway pizza, some just some great snacks while others laid on a proper home-made feast. There were some incredible offerings donated to the pudding auction, from Mr Biswell's grazing plates to the most incredible cakes. Not all bids were for dessert consumption that evening - at least one became a birthday cake and another a Mother's Day cake for the following day. There was a great atmosphere and one of the most fun ways of raising funds for the students at St Clement Danes. Thank you to everyone involved for making this a huge success!


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