Bold Voices

Miss Ramsbottom, Associate Assistant Headteacher and Personal Development Lead, organised talks to be delivered to Years 7, 9 and 12 this week by Bold Voices. We have worked with this organisation for a couple of years to help support our work on gender equality and tackle gender based violence. The team who lead the workshops are very articulate, approachable and knowledgeable; as well as exuding enthusiasm. 

Year 12 ambassadors are also receiving training to work with the Year 7s in March to explore these difficult topics in more depth. In the talks, Year 7 discussed  ‘What is Gender Inequality?’: The Basics’ to  enable them to recognise gendered stereotypes, gendered language and sexual harassment. While Year 9 also discussed consent and Year 12 had a more mature talk to prepare them for university and life after school.  

The school takes great strides in tackling misogyny but also seeks to empower our young people with knowledge, strategies and support. As well as case studies, students were encouraged to consider positive role models and think critically about information presented to them to make informed judgements.

These talks followed a thoughtful assembly delivered by Mr Sutherland where he discussed misogyny, the dangers of figures like Andrew Tate and the balance between freedom of speech and freedom from fear (Roosevelt). He drew on some of the horrific attacks on women including Emily Atack’s online abuse and David Carrick’s victims in a very challenging assembly. Many of our young people can all too easily be drawn into echo chambers and are not aware of the shocking statistics around sexual violence or how behaviour can escalate without challenge.

Culture does not change without discussion and awareness and these talks help provide forums for students to have these discussions and be informed. They also discussed the difficulties that boys can face, stereotyping and difficulties in navigating relationships. Hopefully, these talks will assist students in supporting each other and treating one another with kindness and dignity. 


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