Design Museum Trip

The Product Design Department organised a trip to the Design Museum on the 12th January 2023 as part of a location study for their practice Non Examination Assessment (Coursework). To provide focus and improve pupil engagement we linked the project to a nationally recognised competition, Design Ventura, in which pupils are challenged to design a sustainable and entertaining product to sell in the Design Museum Shop. This experience intended to support the pupils with the research section of their project which they will later rely on to develop their final design and prototype.

When we arrived we split into groups of six and rotated around the two Gallery shops for students to see the variety of items sold for inspiration and awareness. A free exhibition showcasing the artist and designer Yinka Ilori's work was also available for students to view. His display celebrates a unique mix of cultural influences and unpacks the ingredients of a diasporic visual language.

After lunch we ended the day with another exhibition open to visitors called Designer Maker User, which takes the students through a series of real product development (e.g. development of the iPhone, iMac, chairs, kitchens etc), production techniques and market push where market demand has driven innovation.

Students found the trip extremely useful and were able to refer back and apply their experience to their lessons.




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