INSET Day Training with Bold Voices

During our training days, colleagues continued their work on curriculum development, embedding literacy and challenge into our teaching, and considered how we can continue to tackle gender discrimination. As part of this training, we invited in Bold Voices to deliver a workshop to all staff at St Clement Danes School. The focus of this training centred around the continuum of gender-based violence, (applying the theory of the continuum to testimonies from young people to see how these issues play out in reality for them), and modelling challenge, i.e. to consider why it is necessary to create a culture of challenge within school by practicing a 'calling out' and 'calling in' strategy, in order to create spaces for education and discussion around gender.

The workshop was organised by Associate Assistant Headteacher Ms Ramsbottom, who has led the work conducted so far with Bold Voices and is our Personal Development Lead at school. The workshop was challenging and provoking, considering different scenarios and how small 'throw away' comments can lead to a culture that tolerates gender stereotypes and how this can be harmful. It also considered the use of social media and stories young people will be following and engaging with. 

Following the workshop, staff met in pastoral teams and year groups to discuss how we can further address stereotyping, language use and ensure equality for all in our school. These were productive discussions that will help to further embed our equality objectives. In addition to our pastoral work, we will continue to revise our curriculum and approaches to SMSC to ensure discussion continues around equality, diversity and our school values. 



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