Bold Voices Workshop

On Tuesday 22nd February, Bold Voices, an organisation which tackles gender inequality, came into St Clement Danes School, and spoke to the Sixth Form students about gender-based violence at University. Yosh, the representative, talked about her own experiences at University as well as ways we can tackle gender-based violence that we may encounter in our later lives.

Following this, a selection of Year 12 students were given an interactive training workshop, teaching them about how gender-based violence can begin, how it can be avoided and how to teach and inspire the Year 7 students.

The next day, on the 23rd, the Year 7 students had their own workshops where they learnt about stereotypes, attitudes, structures, and experiences all relating to gender-based violence. They all had a great time chatting and thinking about the important topic. Yosh and Tash, as well as members of staff, and Year 12 students, walked around the groups helping with the tasks, encouraging the conversations and answering any questions that were asked.

Overall, everyone had a really good time and learnt a lot! If you are interested in learning more about Bold Voices, their website is linked below. Also keep a look out for more school events run by the SCD Bold Voices Ambassadors

The programme at SCD for Bold Voices is organised by Faye Ramsbottom, Associate Assistant Headteacher, and both her and Mr Seabrook supported the workshops and talks as teacher ambassadors.



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