Inter Faith Week

Ms Doyle, Assistant Headteacher, led the engaging assembly for Inter Faith week. The assembly focused on celebrating our differences, with a time to share and celebrate different faiths. The aims of the week were three fold, to strengthen interfaith relations, to increase awareness of the distinct faith communities in the UK, and increase understanding between people of religious and non-religious beliefs.

Ms Doyle addressed the fact that faith and religion can also inspire great works, and drive people to do selfless acts as we have seen countless times during the recent pandemic. We recently conducted a Diversity survey to learn about the different faiths and celebrate the variety of cultures we have at School. To further enhance the Diversity and Inclusion programme, the Year 9 students will also be given a number of opportunities to become Equalities Ambassadors in a group called Agents for Change, and the programme will run alongside our work with Bold Voices.



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