Year 13 Geography Field Trip

Our Year 13 Geography students completed a hugely successful trip down on the Devon coast. In true Geography fashion, they tackled the harsh elements on the first couple of days before experiencing some bright blue skies for the remainder of the trip. They saw first-hand the impact of coastal erosion upon residential buildings along the coast, as well as visiting Plymouth city centre and evaluating the effectiveness of projects attempting to regenerate and rejuvenate the local economy of Plymouth.

Students were very appreciative of being able to spend quality time together, whether it was table tennis competitions in the evening or enjoying fish and chips on the beach. They stayed at the Field Studies Council centre in Slapton Ley, a highly environmentally friendly place which taught our students some important life skills to help tackle climate change, for example, students really appreciated seeing the ‘food miles’ or where each item in the canteen came from, giving them an insight into their carbon footprint. The purpose of the trip was to collect data for their coursework, not only was this done but they also managed to convert their data to create some complex graphs and maps as well as using statistical tests to determine the significance of their data. 

The trip proved highly effective at developing their team work, ability to analyse and leadership skills. We, as a department, look forward with great anticipation for next year’s cohort.



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