The Thinking Programme

A range of support and challenge programmes have been put in place to support students on their return to school after Lockdown, alongside the tutorial programme and the school's focus on wellbeing. 

Mr Harris, Assistant Headteacher, has overseen a range of measures and initiatives. One of these has been run by Miss Sacks who for the past 6 weeks has been working with a group of Year 9s to develop their resilience, self-efficacy and grit. This has been part of St Clement Danes' attempt to help those who have been left at a disadvantage due to the lockdowns.  

The twice weekly meetings have included sessions on evaluating their own strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and barriers; learning about the importance of setting goals, evaluating goals, and practising this strategy; and finally, they have learnt about, put into practise and evaluated some metacognitive and revision strategies.  

This first round has been very successful and our thanks to Miss Sacks for working with these students.



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