Diversity Assembly

St Clement Danes is proud to have a Diversity and Inclusion Society led by our Sixth Form and earlier this month the student body were introduced to a fascinating assembly on Diversity and Inclusion.

One of the objectives of the assembly was to introduce the Society to the school community and explain what Diversity and Inclusion are. The assembly included statements and various discussion points. It gave an opportunity to explore what prejudiced language is and how it can be accepted as the norm if not challenged. The assembly also highlighted the values that St Clement Danes aims to enhance, in becoming an even more inclusive school community by reducing and stopping passive discrimination.

Further information on the schools Equality policy can be found here

St Clement Danes strives to ensure that we recognise a wide range of events and dates. One of these was a day to remember Stephen Lawrence. Mr Garvey also gave an assembly to students about Stephen Lawrence, the police case, and subsequent actions. His assembly can also be viewed below.

Stephen lawrence assembly

diversity assembly



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