Innovations for the Future and KS3 Poster Competition

Miss Bonwick, Science Teacher, gave an exciting assembly during British Science Week on innovations in science, how science is applied and can impact everyday life. The assembly talked about previous inventions such as the light bulb by Thomas Edison, to the creation of the World Wide Web by Tim Burners Lee and how they have dramatically changed and influenced our lives to date. The assembly also explored what scientists are currently working on and how they are using their skills and knowledge to make the world a better place, such as the Robotic Guide dog created by a student at Loughborough University to help support visually impaired people and bio-bean, a company which turns coffee waste into biofuel. Students were encouraged to think about how to further their interest in science through asking questions, researching topics of interest and studying the right subjects when considering further education.

The assembly can be viewed here:

Miss Bonwick also launched a Science Poster competition where KS3 students were asked to design a poster on the theme “Innovation for the future”. The entries will be judged on creativity, content, and effective communication and the best five posters from The Danes Educational Trust Schools will be entered into the National Competition.

We look forward to receiving the creative entries!



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