Essex Win Year 7 Fitness Competition

Our Year 7 students took part in a week long fitness competition where the aim was to see which form could travel the furthest. Students were asked to either cycle, run or walk in their spare time and upload their scores to the competition. The competition was created in order to have a focus on improving mental and physical health over lockdown. The competition was fiercely contested, with even the form tutors battling it out to help their respective forms win, most notably Mr Seabrook and Mr Oulton! Mr Watkinson, Head of Year 7, was delighted with the enthusiasm of the students in the competition and will look forward to running it again in the new year.

Congratulations to everyone who took part and Essex for their overall win! Please see the impressive results below:

1st Essex: 866.1km

2nd Exeter: 681.4 km

3rd Temple: 427.14km

4th Burleigh391.7 km

5th Lincoln: 365.9 km

6th Clement: 263.5km

7th Dane: 224.2km

8th Clare: 193km


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