Year 10 Interhouse Sports Competition Returns

Earlier this week we saw the exciting return of Interhouse sports competitions for our Year 10 students.

Competition in the Girls’ Benchball and the Boys’ Football was packed full of enthusiasm and a commitment to win. Benchball bubbled with excitement and drive as girls jostled for position and took careful aim. Temple finished on top and beat Burleigh to the finish.  

Amazingly, Temple also won in the football as they played a dramatic final with Lincoln- two teams with very contrasting styles! Lincoln pushed for the win from the start with the most possession and a goal from Charlie C. Yet with 3 minutes left Roraigh B came out of goal and played a longball over the top of the Temple defence for Ben R to run on and score, leading to sudden death penalties. Aryan G scored making Temple the champions.  

There was great sportsmanship in both sports played and a fantastic atmosphere shared by all.  

The final results were: 

Girls Yr 10 Benchball 

1- Temple, 2- Burleigh, 3- Lincoln, 4- Exeter, 5- Clare, 6- Dane, 7- Essex, 8- Clement 


Boys Yr 10 Football 

1- Temple, 2- Lincoln, 3-Clement, 4-Clare, 5-Essex, 6-Dane, 7-Exeter, 8-Burleigh 



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