Students contribute to World Class Schools Symposium

Well done to two very talented students whose work has been selected for inclusion in the World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) Virtual Symposium, which will be held on 8th July 2020. Further to the recent news story about Year 13 Student Isla Leach, whose 30 second music composition is featured on the BBC Proms website, Isla's composition will also be included in the symposium.  A poem written by Year 9 student Charlotte Hobbs has also been selected for inclusion at this prestigious symposium. Both students were approached for inclusion at the symposium as a result of their work being spotted on the SCD website and via the SCD English faculty twitter feed 

Below is Charlotte's poem 'My Blessing Poem'.

My Blessing poem

I saw him sitting there all cold in despair

He lay on a crushed cardboard box

Perched there like a lost baby fox

People rushed past as it began to rain

If only they could see his sorrow and pain

I watched him pray and hope for a chance

But all they did was pass with a glance

I saw him shiver if only he thought

I got up from the bench to do what was taught

I was gone awhile but approached with a smile

I looked as his head began to raise upright

He glared at me with all his might

He couldn’t believe that this was real

As I placed down his very first meal

He said his praise through some amaze

Someday I thought

The world will be okay

To find out more about the WCSQM Virtual Symposium and the news story about Isla's composition please follow the links below;








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