What have you learned in lockdown?

Further to the virtual assembly on 'Interthinking' (posted in news on 19th May), please read students' feedback on being asked what they have learned during lockdown.

We may not have been all together in the school building during the past two months, but the students and staff of SCD have nevertheless been learning new skills as well as developing personal qualities whilst in lockdown.

At the end of my assembly I asked you to think about what you have learned in terms of soft skills as well as hard skills, and many of you got back to me with your comments. 

Exercise is high on the list, with many of you walking, developing football skills, doing Joe Wicks workouts and even learning to pogo!

Spending time with family has been a given for all of us - and you say that you have learned how to listen and talk to family, learned patience as well as how to fill time at home.  We also appreciate the environment and wildlife more.  We have all had to adapt to new forms of communication but have learnt new IT skills along the way, to help speak to our friends without seeing them in person.

Practical skills also come up, with students learning to cook and how to tidy up properly!

But what about those soft skills which are not measured in exam results?  SCD students say that they have learned the following – qualities which can’t be measured in numbers but are arguably more valuable for life:

thoughtfulness, kindness, independence, gratefulness, self-motivation, creativity, adaptability, patience, working together, shifting perspectives and listening.

Ms Spencer


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