Computer Science students create Treatment Tracker site for COVID-19

Mr Taylor, Subject Leader of Computing, is delighted to share news from two GCSE Computer Science students, Matthew Warminger and James Dolan. The Year 11 students  have  created a website dedicated to tracking the progress of research into the development of vaccines in respect of the COVID-19 virus. The students decided to set up the site, along with friend Hamza, to focus on a positive outcome to the pandemic. Their site is a comprehensive dashboard including features such as the continuous monitoring of the development of vaccines,  progress bars which are updated live for each treatment and a map to track the location and time of research for vaccines and treatments. The site also includes other statistics such as the total number of  global cases and countries affected by the Coronavirus.  The team aim to maintain the site and keep it updated until the pandemic resolves and a vaccine is found.

Well done to the team for their fantastic effort in using their skills to focus on positive outcomes for ongoing research into the COVID-19 virus.  We will follow your site with great interest to find out about the latest research.

Please follow the link below to visit the team’s website;






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