SCD students release trout into River Chess as part of Chalk Stream Project

Students from St Clement Danes School recently visited the River Chess as part of their participation in the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project, an educational programme supported by the River Chess Association. St Clement Danes School has participated in the 'Trout in the Classroom' project for the last four years. Local farmer and Chair of the River Chess Association, Paul Jennings, explained that the association works with local schools to help educate the students about their local environment and the importance of the chalk stream. The association have ten specially designed aquaria which house brown trout at several schools, including St Clement Danes School. During the trout breeding season (in the winter), fertile brown trout eggs are added to the tanks and left to the care of the pupils, who feed and clean out the young fish as they develop. The recent trip by our students was for the purpose of releasing the trout into the River Chess.

Science Teacher Dr Lowe, who oversees the project,  spoke prior to the visit. He said "We have about twenty trout at the moment. The students have been amazing. They clean out the fish tank, feed the fish daily and release the fish into the wild at the end of the project. One of the biggest positives about the project is that students learn about the countryside and our local chalk stream right on our doorstep. They get more involved in the environment and realise the risks that can affect both the health of the fish and of the whole river eco system”.

Thanks to Chorleywood Magazine who reported this story in the latest edition of their online magazine, which can be viewed via the link below. Please also see links below to Chorleywood Magazine’s Facebook page, “We are Chorleywood”,  and to the River Chess Association’s website.



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