Science Skills -QR Codes to Soap Making!

Science students have been busy in school during the Easter holidays, and have had an opportunity to experience a variety of new skills. Last week students made their own soap, choosing their preferred colour, scent, and shape. Some students even succeeded in producing different coloured layers in their soap! Other activities included taking part in a QR code hunt, in which students had to search the school to find the codes which revealed the questions. The students who achieved the highest number of correct answers were rewarded with Easter Eggs as prizes!


This week students explored a range of different samples including leaves, bones, and blood using light microscopes. The samples were all contained within pre-made sealed slides. The students were then challenged to draw what they could see in as much detail as possible. This led to some fantastic drawings being produced by the students.


Students also carried out the process of chromatography on a range of felt tip pens to analyse the composition of colours within the pens. A further activity undertaken by the students was making keychains using a simple box or circle stitch. 


Thanks to Science Key Stage 3 Coordinator Miss Green, and colleagues, for providing a wide array of fun activities to extend our students’ knowledge of science.






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