Aariz performs with Ishmaeli Community Ensemble

Well done to Year 8 student Aariz Imran who was selected to be part of the Ismaili Community Ensemble when they performed at the iconic Ismaili Centre in London, on Saturday 8th February 2020. 

The Ismaili Community Ensemble (ICE) explores the theme of personal responsibility in creating an environment of care. In a world of social and political instability as well as increasing focus on our impact on the environment, ICE have explored how each individual can contribute to a better world.  The concert was a musical odyssey where a diverse range of instruments and voices come together to express these themes through lyrics, melodies and rhythms of the world.

Aariz contributed as lead drummer with the band and performed four songs with the ensemble. The concert was sold out with huge support from the Ismaili Muslim community and other music lovers.

In order to prepare for the concert, the ensemble practised for 10 weeks, with Aariz attending the weekly practices from 9am to 4pm. The results paid off with an amazing performance by the musicians.  Aariz and his family expressed their thanks to St Clement Danes School drum teacher Mr Alan Pagan for his mentorship, and also to fellow staff for their support. Mr Pagan was delighted with Aariz's success adding, 'There is no better experience for a drummer's progress than to play with other musicians and prepare for a concert. I am glad he did well and I hope the ensemble continues'.


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