Scarlet wins Drummond Award at British Nutrition Awards

Congratulations to former student, Scarlet Beattie, who received the Drummond Award from the British Nutrition Foundation at their recent awards day held at the Royal College of Physicians in Regent’s Park.  Scarlet achieved the top mark in the country (an impressive achievement as the new level 3 qualification in Food Science and Nutrition Diploma replaces A level Food for 3 separate examination boards, and therefore there is one overall winner compared to three previous winners).

Scarlet was presented with her award by Henry Dimbleby, founder of Leon restaurants, co-author of the School Food Plan and leader of the National Food Strategy for the Government. It is a great achievement for Scarlet and for the school, for which Scarlet also received £100 and the school received £200 as part of the Drummond Award prize.

Scarlet was accompanied by her former teacher, Mrs Hawkins,  who was previously Head of Food Technology. Mrs Hawkins was delighted with Scarlet's success and stated that they had a very enjoyable day attending the ceremony.

Well done to Scarlet on this success!

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