Year 7 students embrace the weekly walk a mile initiative!

The Year 7 students have started the weekly mile at school this half term. Every Monday we are going out onto the Astro turf to run or walk for 20 minutes in order to get students active and out of the classroom during form time. The reasoning behind it is to ensure that students are getting fresh air and are caring for their own healthy active lifestyles and mental health. The students do not need to get changed, all they need to do is make sure they have got their trainers on. So far we have embraced all types of weather, from sun to drizzle but the students' engagement has been fantastic. Myself, Year 7 form tutors, Mr Marks and Mr Sutherland have all been out running and the students have loved trying to lap them! We are looking forward to watching this fantastic initiative develop throughout the school year, especially come the summer term! 

Mr Watkinson - Head of Year 7





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