Merits awarded for Nationwide 'Product in a Tin' Competition!

We are delighted to announce that three of our students have won prizes in the nationwide ‘Product in a Tin Competition’. Congratulations to current Year 10 students Anahitaa, Anusha and Cacey, who will be receiving merit prizes for their entries in the competition.

The students were required to design and create a ‘Product in a Tin’ made using materials from at least two of the main materials categories used in Design & Technology e.g. wood, metal, plastic, textiles and paper/board. Students were asked to focus on creating or raising an awareness for a sustainable future. All three students focused their designs on the ever-growing issue of plastic waste within the ocean. Anahitta created a ring in the shape of the world and gift bag using recycled plastic. Anusha created a range of jewellery including earrings and necklace from various recycled material including paper and clam shells. Cacey created a cutlery pen knife from recycled plastic and metal.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate these students, and thank all of the students who participated in the competition. Although we didn’t win the overall prize this year, this is still a wonderful achievement as it is a national competition and for the third year running students’ work and the school will feature on Julie Boyd’s website, as below.


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