Supercalifragilistic rehearsals taking place!

Danes Student Journalists, Hannah Garvey and Nia Hanspal, 7S report ...

On the ­4th June, students from Year 7 up to Year 10 and of course the drama staff, are presenting Mary Poppins. There will be dancing, singing and acting. Before Christmas, there was tough competition in the auditions and great excitement when the actors and actresses were given their parts in the performance.

Rosa who is playing one of the starring roles, Jane, said, ‘I feel really excited to be playing a part in Mary Poppins. I auditioned for the play because I thought it would be a great opportunity.’

If you are interested in acting, singing or even dancing, look into the future plays that this school has to offer. Rehearsals take place every week, and students are trying hard to learn their lines.

So come and experience this play and the thrill of watching the performance on the night.


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