Cross Country Success !

Students achieved fantastic success at the District Cross Country Championships this week.The students  performed brilliantly, and a list of their results are shown below:

Year 7 Boys 3rd place with George achieving 2nd place

Year 7 Girls 1st place with Roxy achieving 1st place

Year 8  Boys 1st place

Year 8 Girls 1st place with Keighley achieving 1st place

Year 9 Boys 2nd place with Luca and Ben achieving 2nd and 3rd places respectively

Year 9 Girls 1st place

Year 10 Boys 3rd place with Thiery achieving 2nd place

Year 10 Girls 2nd place with Grace achieving 1st place

Year 11 Boys 3rd place

Special congratulations to the students either winning or gaining one of the runner up positions in their year group's competition, and well done to all students for a great effort to achieve such fantastic results!












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