Double win for SCD students in 2018 Product in a Tin Competition!

Congratulations to Year 9 students Niamh and Skye, who won the two top places in the 2018 Product in a Tin competition. This was the first time that the the top prizes were awarded to two entries from the same school. 

Product in a Tin is a national competition hosted by Julie and Paul Boyd. The duo run Boyd Education, where they provide training and support to Design & Technology teachers.  Students were are asked to create a product made using materials from at least two of the main material categories used in Design & Technology e.g. wood, metal, plastic, textiles and paper/board. The product must solve a current design issue and fit into a tin roughly the size of a pringles tin.

Niamh won 1st place in the competition for her design and creation of a pair of earrings, which she made from from a combination of polymers, metal, paper and textiles. Her design was inspired by traditional Ugandan bead making. As a result of winning the competition, Niamh won a Husqvarna Viking H Class 100Q sewing machine for the school, in addition to winning £50 worth of gift vouchers for herself.

Skye won second place in the competition for her creation of a baby’s stacking puzzle, which was made out of laser cut wood and acyclic. Skye won gift vouchers for her design.

Congratulations to both students on their fantastic achievement, and to their teacher Miss Georgiou for her support throughout the competition process.

Please follow the link below for further details about the Product in a Tin Competition 2019, and our winning entries for the 2018 competition.



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