Creating Brand You Day

On Tuesday 10th July, Sixth Form students spent a day with business and recruitment experts as they prepare themselves for entering the world of work.

A range of speakers were invited to deliver a number of workshops designed to prompt students to think about what skills they will need as they prepare to join the competitive jobs market in the near future. At the conclusion of the formal presentations, students worked on their personal statements and CVs.

Our Alumni partner Future First were instrumental in organising the event, and arranging for the various guest speakers to participate.

The main part of the day was organised by The Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD), an organisation which runs employability programmes for schools. Many of the guests were high profile businessmen and women, including local businesswoman Charlie Ryan, who owns local recruitment business “The Recruitment Queen”. Charlie and her team gave students guidance on a range of subjects including CVs, social media presence and business etiquette. Charlie was joined by her colleague, Lucie Suhajova, who also gave the students valuable advice in a number of areas.

Many thanks to all of the businessmen and women who gave their time to work with our students at this event:

Beth Vuckovic           Gap Year

Charley Ryan            Recruitment Queen

Lucie Suhajova         Recruitment Queen

Derrick Otchere        Apprenticeship       

Justine Johnson       Grey  

Kelli Dixon                Grey  

Michael Shenouda    MedUK         

Ryan Dias                 MedUK                     

Amy Bailey                P&G   

Anna Aitken               IGD    

Caroline Minor           Premier Foods

Gavin Darby              Premier Foods

Hannah Collyer         Premier Foods

Lisa Raschia             Tesco 

Ruth Lethem             Greggs

Sian Brenchley          IGD    

Sophie Guy   Lantmannen Unibake         

To find out more about the Institute of Grocery Distribution please follow the link below:




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