Year 7 create a taste of Aztec culture in art

Danes Student Journalist, Isaac Guirguis 7L, reports ...

Last term, Year 7 designed their own Aztec headdresses. They were made out of recycled cardboard and stuck together with gum-tape. The students' creations have been influenced by birds, as the Aztecs believed that they brought good luck and if they saw a bird, they would set up camp near where it landed. Therefore, many of the Year 7’s headdresses have a wide wingspan to show off their knowledge of the Aztec traditions. Once the Year 7s finished their headdresses, they showed their form their creations with a quick fashion show. A year 7 student gave their opinion on the topic:

“Making Aztec headdresses was a great way to bring out my creative side and was interesting learn about the Aztec culture in our research homework.” – Lucy Douglas.


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