10 Dane in 'Toilet Twinning' fundraising initiative

10 Dane have been fundraising recently for a ‘Toilet Twinning’ initiative. Having raised awareness of their campaign in an assembly, they have been stationed outside a toilet in the new maths corridor for the past week, armed with toilet brushes and occasionally even wearing a toilet seat, to  encourage donations to this worthy cause. Having already raised £153 in their first week, they are hoping to achieve their target of £240 in the run up to Half Term and would welcome any donations from parents sent in to school with their children.

As the class told their fellow students in assembly, 1 in 3 people across the world do not have somewhere safe to go to the toilet. Bad sanitation is one of the world’s biggest killers and it hits children, women, old and sick people the hardest.

The charity helps to fund latrines in communities which need them. But before latrine-building starts, there’s hygiene education on practices such as handwashing. This is key to behaviour change in the long term. The charity’s partners involve local people in deciding on the design and materials to be used in latrine building. This means latrines are both appropriate and affordable. People generally build their own latrine, and this means they are much more likely to continue to use it, and maintain it – ensuring the project is sustainable.

Well done to 10D for showing initiative and putting such a lot of effort into their fortnight-long fundraising campaign and thank you to Mrs Savin for co-ordinating the event.

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