Prefect Team for 2017-18 Announced

Congratulations to the students who were announced as the Prefect Team for 2017-18 on Friday. Having made presentations to the outgoing Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls and thanked the current Prefect Team, Miss Brogan announced the students who would fill positions as Year 7 Prefects, Croxley Danes Prefects, House Prefects, Faculty Prefects and Charities Prefects and all were introduced to the rest of the student body. Following a rigorous selection process, involving each shortlisted student making a speech to their peers and staff earlier in the month, the eight lead prefects then learnt which positions they had secured. Lead Charities Prefects are David Odita and Abi Jones. Lead Faculty Prefect is Josh West, whilst Lead House Prefect is Abi Nolan. Serving as Deputy Head Boy and Girl for 2017-18 will be Samuel Quaye and Lorena Manfredi, whilst Head Boy and Girl will be Mia O'Connell and Matthew Leveridge. As Miss Brogan pointed out, they have a hard act to follow in the superb team of Prefects who have worked tirelessly for the school community this year, but we are sure they are up to the challenge! Congratulations to all concerned.


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