Girls into business: Dr Valentine lends support to new website

Dr Valentine (together with Nascot Wood Headteacher, Mrs Singh) is lending her support to a new online platform designed to give girls and young women access to female role models across a range of business sectors. Originally conceived to inspire and engage the next generation of female business leaders, Modern Muse launched yesterday. The online platform allows users to follow and engage with a range of ‘Muses’ – women in business who have shared details of their schooling and career choices to date – asking them questions in a safe environment and following details of their day to day working lives through shared posts and photographs. The website also allows businesses to advertise work experience opportunities for older students. It was originally designed in response to one central concern: that girls were not getting access to a diverse range of role models and in turn, were unaware of the wealth of career opportunities available to them. 

With International Women’s Day taking place on Wednesday 8th March, women in business are being asked to sign up to become Muses by visiting and students may well want to browse its pages to find out more.

Speaking before the launch, Dr Valentine, whose role is in helping to ensure that the website is promoted through schools, said:

"I am delighted to be an ambassador for Modern Muse and pleased to be supporting a movement which supports young women in becoming life-long performers in their chosen fields. It is a great opportunity to be a part of an organisation which seeks to empower young women to develop the skills and confidence to achieve highly once they finish their school careers. Through the inspiration of other women and practical opportunities for work experience, I hope Modern Muse will become a powerful tool for young women for decades to come.”


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