7 Dane announced as winners of the Year 7 Reading Challenge

The winners of the Year 7 Reading Challenge were recently announced as 7 Dane, and the winning form celebrated at form time yesterday with the librarians and their form tutor, Miss Cort. Mrs Murray and Mrs Gustafsson provided an array of cakes, biscuits, fruit and drinks to mark the students’ achievement. The winning form read 99 books between them during the second part of the autumn term, closely followed by runners up 7 Exeter.

The students read many books from a list of 30 genres of books. On completion, each student was asked to give an account of the book to the librarian, and be able to answer some questions relating to it, in order for the book to be counted towards the final total.

Congratulations to 7D on this achievement, and we hope that the students continue to enjoy reading from the diverse collection of books in the Learning Resource Centre.