House Basketball and Dance at SCD

Today saw House Basketball and Dance competitions being hotly contested by students in Years 7, 8 and 9. Teams, organised by their Sixth Form House Captains, took on one another in the Sports Hall and Gym, a fierce but friendly atmosphere of competition in evidence all day! See the gallery at the bottom of the page for some photos of the events.

The results were as follows:

Position House Dance Year 7
1st Essex
2nd Burleigh
3rd Clare


Position House Dance Year 8
1st Clement
2nd Clare
3rd Exeter


Position House Dance Year 9
1st Exeter
2nd Dane
3rd Lincoln


Position    House Basketball Year 7
1st Temple
2nd Exeter
3rd Clare


Position    House Basketball Year 8 
1st Lincoln
2nd Exeter
3rd Essex


Position    House Basketball Year 9 
1st Lincoln
2nd Clement
3rd = Dane/Burleigh



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