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Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Data Protection including Biometrics Policy

Data Retention Guidelines

Disability & Accessibility Policy

Equality Information

Exclusion & Appeals Policy

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

SEND Policy

Remote Learning Policy (Student)

Staff Whistleblowing Policy



Attendance & Absence Policy

Attendance Policy (Student)

Attendance Protocols Document

Anti-Bullying Policy

Behaviour Policy 

CCTV Policy

Charging & Remission Policy 

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

Careers Policy

Disability and Accessibility Plan *

Drug, Alcohol & Substance Misuse Policy

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy

First Aid Policy *

Health & Safety Policy (Part 2) *

Home School Agreement

Homework Policy

Lettings and Use of Premises

Looked After Children Policy

Most Able & Higher Potential Learner Policy

Online Safety Policy

PSHE Policy

Religious Education Policy

Rewards & Consequences System

RSE & Health Education Policy

School Code

SEND Information Report

Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy

Uniform Policy

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* Please note these policies are currently under review and updated versions will be posted shortly

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