Admissions 2022 Consultation

Admissions Consultation 2022

The Governors are proposing to make changes to the school admissions arrangements for the school year 2022-23.  

- Summer born children 

The amendment is to the following paragraph (3rd paragraph page 1), amendment highlighted in bold. 

It is the St Clement Danes Governors’ policy that students will be taught within their normal age group (that is their correct chronological year) because the school’s curriculum is differentiated for all abilities within the cohort. They will only consider an exception to this if there are extenuating circumstances submitted with the application as to why a student should be educated out of year; however, in the case of applicants from summer born children, who delayed their entry to Reception by one academic year, the school will continue to educate these children out of their normal age group. 

The consultation will take place between 26th October 2020 and 6th December 2020. Please email the school directly at if you would like to make comments or respond to these proposed arrangements. Your responses will be taken in to consideration when the Governors determine the admissions arrangements. Please ensure that your response is received by the 6th December.