St Clement Danes School changed from a Single Academy Trust to a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) on 23rd August 2016. The MAT was named the Danes Educational Trust. It is a private company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wale. Registered Number: 07671949 Registered Office: Chenies Road, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire WD3 6EW

The Danes Educational Trust currently has two schools within its Trust, St Clement Danes School and Croxley Danes School. Both of these schools have their own Governing Bodies.

Our members, directors and governors are a committed and talented group who bring a wealth of experience with which to support the school. Many have worked with St Clement Danes for a number of years, supporting us through huge changes, both in terms of the educational landscape and the buildings of the school itself.

Below you will find further details. Those members, directors and governors marked with an asterisk are also trustees of the Holborn Estate Charity (HEC).

Members of the Danes Educational Trust

HEC appointees:

Mrs Linda Clarkson* (Chair of Members)             

Mr Ray Beaglehole*  

Mrs Rosemary Hadfield*                 

From the Danes Educational Trust Board:

Miss Rosie Faunch

Mrs Kath Unger

The Danes Educational Trust Board - Trustees of the Danes Educational Trust

Member appointees:

Miss Rosie Faunch (Chair of the Danes Educational Trust Board)

Mrs Kath Unger

Mrs Rosemary Hadfield*

Mrs Rachel Hatfield

Co-opted (by Trustees):

Dr Malcolm Green 

Mr Michael Bruce

Mr Mike Brasier

Mrs Rachel Gauke

Mrs Louise Soden

Executive Head:

Dr Josephine Valentine


Local Governing Body of St Clement Danes School

Foundation governors (HEC appointees):

Mr Michael Brasier* (Chair)

Capt. David Swain

Ms Lynn O’Connor

Co-opted governors (by the Danes Educational Trust Board):

Mr Mohan Gharial

Mr Peter Brown

Parent governor:

Mrs Clare Steet

Staff governors:

Mr David Heward

Mrs Emma Brown

Head of School:

Dr Josephine Valentine

Honorary governor:

Mr Richard Carey MBE


Local Governing Body of Croxley Danes School

Miss Rosie Faunch  (Chair)

Mr Jonathan Bishop

Mrs Sarah Fitzpatrick

Mr Richard Fisher

Mrs Diana Rose

Mrs Carolyn Watson