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Choosing a new school for your child is a huge decision. We understand the many factors and issues that have to be weighed up. Throughout the process, you will be steered by an unswerving belief that your child deserves the very best. A high-quality learning environment, of course, and a culture that embraces care, tolerance and trust.

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  • 04:30 PM - 15th December, 2017 Mr Sutherland has been awarding his first Headteacher's commendations recently. Congratulations to all the Year 7s concerned. Bring back fond memories, Old Danes? If so, why not join our Alumni network: Read more Read more
  • 01:17 PM - 15th December, 2017 Details and photos of the fantastic carol service are online here now: Read more The collection raised a huge £984.12 for the Sixth Form's chosen charities. Thank you!
  • 06:52 PM - 14th December, 2017 All set for the Carol Service. It's beginning to feel very Christmassy! Thanks to the SCDPA for the refreshments. Read more
  • 05:56 PM - 14th December, 2017 Congrats to all the students involved in a great day of competition. Boys Basketball winners : Year 8 - Temple, Year 9 - Clare & CDS winners were Snells . Girls Dance winners: Year 8- Clement , 9-Exeter & CDS winners were Cassiobridge. More from Year 7 tmrw! Read more
  • 05:54 PM - 14th December, 2017 Xmas in the LRC! Read more