Croxley Danes School

In 2014 the school submitted to the Department of Education, at the behest of Hertfordshire County Council, an application to open a new secondary school in Croxley Green.  It was an honour to be asked to lead such an undertaking and it is a resounding validation of our sustained excellence and our willingness to collaborate that we were able to rise to the challenge.  It will mean that in the future even more young people can experience a school like St Clement Danes.

Croxley Danes School, opening in September 2017, will be an all-ability, co-educational state secondary school serving South West Hertfordshire.  It will provide a high quality education to 1206 students aged 11-18.  St Clement Danes will act as a blueprint for the new school and our Headteacher, Dr Valentine, a National Leader in Education, will become the Executive Headteacher. When it opens, Croxley Danes School will address a substantial shortfall in secondary places for 2017 and beyond and will become the first-choice school for the surrounding area.

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